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A small C++ wrapper for the native C ODBC API.
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Main classes

Main nanodbc classes. More...


class  nanodbc::transaction
 A resource for managing transaction commits and rollbacks. More...
class  nanodbc::statement
 Represents a statement on the database. More...
class  nanodbc::connection
 Manages and encapsulates ODBC resources such as the connection and environment handles. More...
class  nanodbc::result
 A resource for managing result sets from statement execution. More...
class  nanodbc::result_iterator
 Single pass input iterator that accesses successive rows in the attached result set. More...
class  nanodbc::catalog
 A resource for get catalog information from connected data source. More...


result_iterator nanodbc::begin (result &r)
 Returns an iterator to the beginning of the given result set.
result_iterator nanodbc::end (result &)
 Returns an iterator to the end of a result set. More...

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result_iterator nanodbc::end ( result )

The default-constructed nanodbc::result_iterator is known as the end-of-result iterator. When a valid nanodbc::result_iterator reaches the end of the underlying result set, it becomes equal to the end-of-result iterator. Dereferencing or incrementing it further is undefined.